10 Jobs That Will Die in the next 10 years

Anyone that has ever claimed to be able to “forecast” certain events into the future has been wrong most of the time. Just ask Naseem Taleb.

The future is by no means inevitable and there are forces at play which billionaires can’t even control. Or else we would have solved world hunger by now.

That said, the change is already happening. And Moore’s Law could really kick some ass. 

Based on the trends I see today (which could change tomorrow), here are a 10 jobs I think will be either gone or drastically impacted in the next 10 years.

#1 Executive Assistants – once chatbots and virtual personal assistants like x.ai have a few iterations of their product, you’ll never need a human assistant to reserve or schedule again.

#2 Taxi Drivers — won’t need them because cars will drive themselves. Maybe they’ll still sit in the cars and act as tour guides or something.

#3 Lawyers — junior lawyers who sift through lost of paper work will be quickly replaced by computers that can do it quicker and more accurately.

#4 Delivery people. They’ll be quickly replaced by drones. Amazon has so many patents around this. Like the drone that will parachute your delivery right to your door.

#5 Translators — Google translate still sucks so this will be a while. It will get better. Eventually translating entire websites will be easy and accurate. (That said, machines may not be able to translate whole books because there is a lot of nuance involved and an element of transcreation which is more sophisticated).

#6 General practitioners. You go to the doctor, he checks your temperature, informs you that you might be getting the flu, and then gives you some medicine. And unfortunately doctors are often times wrong. When you are able to accurately measure everything about your health via your apple watch and get treatment from home, you don’t need to go to the doctor. Eventually 80% of what doctors are doing will be replaced with tech you can access from your watch or a microchip in your ear.

#7 Digital Advertisement. This will be almost all completely algorithmic in the near future. Right now there are still campaign planners and analysts but that won’t be necessary. Creativity will be your selling point in the new advertising world.

#8 Bankers. Financial transactions will eventually all become automated. Blockchain will kill intermediaries. They will transition to fin tech.

#9 Cashiers. Not sure why they still exist.

#10 Angel Investors. Investment will cease to be a black box. Anyone will be able to launch an ICO and raise money at a vast scale so the value of the angel investor as we know today will cease to exist.

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