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Japan-based writer, consultant and entrepreneur.

  • How to Weed Out the Bad Recruiters

    You find yourself in a situation dealing with multiple recruiters during you job search. Generally, this is a good thing because you’ll get a wide range of job opportunities to choose from. However, particularly if you are looking for jobs within the same industry, you are likely to get the same job description from more than one recruiter.… Read the rest

  • The Future of the Job Search: Blockchain, VR, and Replacing Resumes with Brain Scans

    With the advent of blockchain, virtual reality and progress in neuroscience, in the future you might not even have to go to an interview.

    Things could get very interesting. Here’s how it could play out:

    Decentralized Job Selection


    Your qualifications for the job will be assessed by a decentralized system that is rated by everyone you have worked with in the past.… Read the rest

  • The Million Dollar Interview Question: Did you Make or Save the Company Money?

    Companies hire you because they think you have skills to do a job. Clients want to work with you because they think you have something to add to their business. 

    You face competition from millions of other people around the world.Read the rest

  • 10 Jobs That Will Die in the next 10 years

    Anyone that has ever claimed to be able to “forecast” certain events into the future has been wrong most of the time. Just ask Naseem Taleb.

    The future is by no means inevitable and there are forces at play which billionaires can’t even control.… Read the rest

  • What’s so Bad About Earning a High Salary?

    One of my good friends in middle school — I’ll call him J— came from a poor family and lived in a trailer park with his mother. His parents had divorced at an early age (I later found out his father was abusive).… Read the rest

  • What Happens When you Decline an Offer at Amazon?

    You get an offer from Amazon (congrats!) but decide not to take it, for whatever reason. It was probably a tough choice.

    A few months or years down the line you want to re-apply.

    Do you still have a shot at getting in?Read the rest

  • 5 Ways Your Interview Results are More Random than You Think

    We like to think that we have control over our lives. That our actions lead to predictable outcomes and that we can influence others around us.

    In an interview setting we believe that if we do our research, practice in front of the mirror, and present ourselves well then we can convince companies to hire us.… Read the rest

  • Why so Cagey?

    How hiding your current salary during an interview hurts you down the line

    People tend to get cagey with money. They don’t want to talk about it.

    They think somebody is going to reach into their wallets and f*ck them over.… Read the rest

  • How I Used the 80/20 Rule to Get the Most out of Networking Events

    Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

    You go to a business conference or networking event, find the first speaker, sit down and jump on your phone or computer immediately to check emails. You avoid talking to people and wait for the ‘right moment’ to approach. Read the rest

  • Lighting Job Descriptions on Fire

    Next time you receive a job description, set that shit on fire.

    Figuratively speaking, of course.

    Most job descriptions are digital and I wouldn’t encourage printing paper and wasting it just to to fuel your anger against the “system.”

    You may ask, “Why such disdain?Read the rest