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Japan-based writer, consultant and entrepreneur.

  • How being radically open minded can get you an awesome job

    A friend of mine was living in England and interested to relocate back to Japan with her family where she was originally from. At that stage of her career she was already quite experienced and looking for a step up.

    The problem was that she didn’t have much recent work experience in Japan.… Read the rest

  • You should be honest 99% of the time

    It’s 1943 and a Nazi officer knocks on your door.

    “Any Jews in here?” 

    “No, it’s just me,” you whimper innocently.

    In fact, you are hiding a Jewish family under your floorboards. You hope that they don’t make any sounds.

    Their lives depend on it.… Read the rest

  • The Hidden Job Market [part 2]

    In Part 1 we spoke about how companies hire, how to find jobs that people don’t know about, and tools that you can use to find these jobs.

    Now that you have this information, we can take action. Rock n’ roll baby.… Read the rest

  • The Hidden Job Market [part 1]

    You might have heard the phrase “hidden job market” floating around. At a first glance this sounds like some sort of black market for jobs or corporate conspiracy to keep people out of employment. I assure you it is neither of those things.… Read the rest

  • There is No Such Thing as a Casual Meeting

    I once sat down to have a casual coffee chat with a company. I was told that it would be a more informational conversation and not in an interview format, and “just go get to know each other.”

    I felt good and less-pressured going to the meeting.… Read the rest

  • Should you go around recruiters and contact the hiring manager directly?

    My favorite answer to everything — ‘it depends.’

    The situation might come up that you are using a recruiter to get a job. Good. That’s what they are paid to do, and many are pretty good at it.

    However, sometimes a recruiter won’t get you where you are trying to go.… Read the rest

  • Why I got fired for not changing a tablecloth

    Yes, I forget to change a tablecloth. Fortunately this was one of my jobs as a high school student so I wasn’t struggling to put dinner on the table, but it still serves as an important and timeless lesson.

    When I was 14 years old I worked at an upscale French restaurant as a waiter and busboy.… Read the rest

  • Do your Due Diligence

    Many people I meet fall into the trap of getting really excited about a job offer, skipping the due diligence part, and jumping ship only to realize their boss is a mysognist and that “marketing position” is actually a sales job.… Read the rest

  • The most polite way to say that you are going to be late for work

    I remember during my first year of work I got really hammered at a company party during the weekday. Everyone was clearly wasted, especially me. I think at some point I ordered 4 pints of beer and poured them all over one of my colleagues.… Read the rest