Free Guide On How To Get A Job At Amazon

Learn how to get your resume noticed by Amazon hiring managers, tips to ace your interview, and other exclusive insights to help you land a job at Amazon. 


What's Inside The Guide

In order to understand the interview process, it is important to first understand the basics of the Amazon business model that has propelled them to such amazing heights. 

This guide will give you a firm understanding of how the company operates and it will drastically impact how you answer interview questions. This guide will cover several chapters including:

The Business Model: “The Flywheel”

Learn why "The Flywheel" is an important concept to understand because everything Amazon does at a micro and macro level is connected to the flywheel.

Three Common Pitfalls
Avoid these common pitfalls from that many interviewees go through during an interview.

Supercharging your Resume
Understand how to craft a resume from an Amazon leadership perspective.

What Readers Are Saying

  • Working as a recruiter, I've dug into multiple books on interviewing techniques so I can provide worthwhile advice to my clients. The STAR Interview paints a far clearer picture in the head of the reader of how to properly sell yourself in a job interview, and comes with very concrete examples and pieces of actionable advice. It's very thorough and doesn't leave you with any "but what about...?" 's. Definitely recommended reading for anyone going into an important job interview.    
  • I highly recommend reading this book from start to finish. Out of all the writings I've ever come across regarding the STAR interviewing method, this has been the most comprehensive. It encourages readers to actively participate through self-reflection while providing a ready to go template with relatable examples. What I loved the most was one of the last sections that encouraged self-care. So besides gaining a more comprehensive understanding about how to approach interviewing, I got some life tips! 
  • "Since being introduced to the STAR method, many of what were previously my weakneses, have become strengths. By implementing some of the techniques I was able to land the job I always almost got, but somehow fell short. I’m not an avid ebook reader, but the clear and applicable approaches to improving interview skills and interpersonal interaction have led me to a better version of myself. Now that I’ve embarked on the career of my dreams, all I can say is that the future has never looked brighter!"
  • I had the honor of working as an editor on The STAR Interview, by Misha Yurchenko. This delightful book is a comprehensive guide, written to prepare you for your job-hunt, in an informative, yet entertaining fashion. Whether you are interviewing for your first job, or are a seasoned professional moving on to the next level of your career, the methods, tips and tricks of The STAR Interview will act as your personal career coach, to guide you through every step of the process. As a bonus to his readers, Misha includes 127 invaluable resources you can’t afford to miss. Get this book! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!                  

Nail the interview and land a job at Amazon


Find out everything you need to know about landing a job at Amazon. This guide will share with you how the interview process works, how to answer behavioral questions and what not what say.